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Participate in a cognitive experiment!

Define the future of cognitive science!

I'm taking part in a scientific project that aims at investigating spacial navigation and learning in the Nikolskaya's maze. This is a special kind of maze, a behavioral model for testing various groups of animals. This model allows to directly compare the results obtained in animals with humans, which is really nice as most of animal behavioral models cannot boast this feature. So with this model, we can track the evolution of behavior and its mechanisms embedded in the nervous system and shed light on the human consciousness conundrum.

Of course, to carry out experiments in humans, we needed to design a virtual analogue of the maze, which brought me to game development in Unity. So I made a first-person shooter. Imagine that you are a nanodoctor wandering along the vessels of your patient, and you need to deliver drugs. Your goal will be to collect as many points as possible during 30 minutes. Disclaimer: the game may seem boring to you, yet keep in mind that you're taking part in an experiment routine, and this is how science works: you need to define and describe the routine and make it a brand new regularity. That way, a scientist opens up new horizons.

So if you'd like to participate, click here or here! You will need a PC with a keyboard & mouse. It is very important that you pass the experiment completely.

Thank you for your help!

Oct. 18, 2019