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Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Sade)

Live inspiration

I love singing. One day I realized that if I sing, this is a quite definite sign that I feel happy.
I love Sade. I've been listening to her since my childhood. This is one of my favourite songs of her.
However, that day I can't say I felt much happy. But I realized the sense of this song and got inspired. I just took my guitar and recorded it with my laptop's microphone. The results were quite satisfactory, and here you are to check it out!

July 6, 2018

Back to Life

All troubles are transitory. You go through them and then come back home

I can't say I like G major. It is a quite boring key which is used by all composers. However, I imagine the idea of returning back to life most clearly in this particular key.
Passing through a series of crises, you suddenly realize you have stepped out straight to the truth. This is the life got known by you due to challenges, sufferings, pain, but also due to victories, joy, love. And you come back to yourself, to the point of alpha and omega, eventually finding peace and the feeling of integrity.

Jan. 23, 2016

Love's Mercy

Love is the sense of life

I consider it as my first masterpiece. Seriously, I guess I made something outstanding. It has a long story. The first version became disgusting for me at some moment. Then my project was deleted after I reinstalled my operating system, and I was very upset, because it was nevertheless worthwhile. After about a half a year I decided to revive this composition by memory, so it's a little bit different but, in my opinion, better.
Two parts can be clearly distinguished. The first one is quite grievous and dramatic, it is about searching for love, about distress and despair. The second part is very lightsome and full of magic. If I were asked how love sounds like, my answer would be like this: in F major smoothly blending with D-flat major.

Aug. 15, 2014

What the Rain Tries to Say

Inspired by the autumn rain

I remember that September of 2012, when it rained for a month in Moscow; I felt a bit depressive and suddenly I got inspired. At the beginning, I wrote first eight bars. I tried to transpose them higher and figured out that now this music expressed another mood – the winter one. Next was the time when I enjoyed Birdy's "People Help the People", I walked one day at Clockface and almost completed it. I included those harmonies from the transposed version until the climax. The last turned out to be so touching that when it played in my mind, being not yet translated into notes, I couldn't hold back weepings travelling in the north-west of Moscow. I understood that this strongest part would express the despair of a lonely person. But tears are drying, the rain is ending, and I'm diving into reflections about the hope of meeting my happiness...

Sept. 30, 2012

Love Spring

Second attempts at composing

Someone may reminisce Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". It turned out very spring-like.

April 25, 2011


First attempts at composing

Something lovely lyrical. Pretty simple harmonic transitions that, in my humble opinion, do not convey feelings properly, but still someone may find something in it. Maybe, because the style is kept across all the composition's duration.

March 3, 2011