Self-flagellation — Poetry | Pavel Shlepnev



Let me be who I am

Disdain me. Make me feel disgusting.
Disgrace me because I am nothing
To care about. I will step aside.
This is my fault that I cannot abide

Your moral principles because I have been flawed,
My soul has darkened, nails transformed to claws,
My mind has weakened, I am going mad.
But you ain't sorry. Oh, it is so sad...

You didn't try to go into detail.
You're settled with exposing you just tail,
No crave for more. I hurt you, you're offended,
And now your pride can't let me be amended.

So keep it up and make it more exhausting,
Humaliate me so it will be haunting.
I'm giving in my curse. Self-flagellation
Will make it plausible for your exasperation.

Dec. 10, 2015